Everyday stress is causing a lot of health issues of everyone. Just one of numerous health problems that can be extremely serious are related with our kidneys. Since we all do know how important kidneys are for our health and body, we should do something to prevent that.

If you are already diagnosed with several kidney issues, then you should do something to help your kidneys work properly. Good news is that you can live the good life with bad kidneys.  However, it is essential that early detection of your kidney problem is done, so that it doesn’t impact other organs or bones. That is why it is very important to know what the main symptoms of bad kidneys are.

Observing what your body is trying telling you means much because that is the best way to lose up to 90% of kidney function without even realizing it – without having any symptoms.

Here are some symptoms that you should definitely pay attention at. Those symptoms are very similar to some other health issues, but they can easily be related to your kidneys and that is the worse option.

#1: Tiredness

It is possible to be tired all the time, even if you don’t do any demanding job. This happens because bad kidney issue can pile up some toxins in your blood and this is the main reason why people feel tired and weak. In most of the cases, for them it is very hard to stay focused and controlled.

#2: Itchy/Dry Skin

Your skin is always dry and itchy. It has nothing to do with sun or soap that you are using when you are taking a shower. It also can be connected with bad kidneys.

Extremely dry and itchy skin is a classical sign of bone diseases, and we all  know that bone diseases are related to kidney issues. When your kidney is no longer capable of keeping the proper balance of minerals and nutrients in your blood, it reflects on your skin.

#3: Breathing Troubles

You are facing with shortness of breath. It is one more symptom of bad kidney issue. Shortness of breath is always an alarming issue. It can scare you and it also can cause insomnia and sleeping disorders. There are several ways how shortness of breath can be related to the kidney issues.

At the beginning, extra fluid in your body can build up in your lungs causing you heavy breathing. Also, kidney issues can cause anemia as well. Anemia means that your body doesn’t have enough oxygen.

#4: Dizziness

It usually happens when you are doing some activity and then you stop doing it. It also can happen to you when you stand up from lying position or from the siting position.

#5: Constant Swelling

Are your limbs swelling without any apparent reasons? It also can be related to kidney issues. The main reason is because bad kidney does not remove extra fluids, and those fluids usually are build up in your body. This is something that can cause swelling in your legs, feet, face, hands, ankles, and similar body parts.

#6: Tastelessness

Whatever you eat, it has taste of metal. Yes, it usually can taste like you are eating or drinking an iron. This is because those toxins in your blood can make every food that you eat to taste different. Also, it can cause really bad breath. In those cases, you usually lose your appetite because you don’t have willingness to eat anything. You start to lose your weight.

#7: Urination Trouble

Observe your urine. This can be one of the crucial things. If you notice that your urine is foamy and that it has some bubbles, it is because of proteins. There is a protein in your urine because kidneys can’t absorb it.

Those are just some of the symptoms that you should observe. Observing your body means a lot – it can help you detect some diseases in the early stages. Kidney problems can be really bad and serious, but if you treat them properly and on time, there is a huge chance that you can have the normal life like every other healthy people.

There are so many medicines and antibiotics that can help you fighting this. However, one can actually help you win this war. This method is totally natural and healthy. Those are natural remedies that you should classify in your menu.

This is a diet program where you can eat everything and be healthy at the same time. Herbal remedies are one of your options. Once you try it, you will be amazed at the results. Natural remedies and natural supplements should be your first and the only choice.

It is not just one of those commercials which are false. A lot of people can tell you that this is something best that they have tried – it is not expensive, it is not a false and it actually can help.

How Does Natural Diet Help Your Kidneys?

It is very important to eat foods that are rich of very powerful oxidant Coenzyme Q10. You can find it in many foods and some researches has shown that, if you take up to 600 mg per day, you can improve your kidney work.

One of the most powerful fruits is blueberries. They are so powerful. They are amazing source of vitamin C and they are keeping your bones healthy, which is extremely important for your kidneys

Very high intake of fiber in your diet program seems to be very successful when it comes to treat your kidneys.

Fish oils have powerful omega 3 fatty acids, and it is well known that fish oils do prevent kidney issues.

Avoiding red meat means a lot if you have problems with bad kidneys. Too much red meat can harm your kidneys.

Vitamin D is also the very powerful substance that can help your kidneys to work properly. Very low vitamin D in your body is associated with risk of kidney stones. You should eat foods that do contain vitamin D.

If you follow some of those tips, your kidneys will work just fine. As you are getting older, it is very important to pay attention to your kidneys. Your kidney function becomes really crucial when you are older. It is always a good idea to observe symptoms before a serious problem occurs.

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