Chronic kidney disease (CKD), as implied by name, is a kidney disease with different stages of kidney malfunctioning. There total 5 stages of kidney disease (CKD), and the ascending numbers denote the severity of kidney malfunctioning. CKD is a recurring health condition and the conditional of the patients may relapse over time unless proper treatment and life style modification is practiced.

Triggers of CKD

If there is a disease, usually there are some triggers behind it. In case of CKD, few triggers have been identified although in some cases doctors have opined that age is one of the main contributing factors to this illness.

In this health disorder, blood vessels in kidney get gradually damaged. IT is neither an overnight health issue, nor it is a malignant disease; the intensity of kidney damage is explained by its 5 stages. However, the common triggers for CKD are as follows.


High blood sugar often induces kidney damage. Due to chronic high blood sugar level kidney and its general performance gets badly hampered and as a result kidneys start losing its ability of healthy functioning.


High blood pressure problem exerts extra pressure on kidney and as a result it leads to permanent damage of the organ.

Blockage in renal artery

If some blockage in rental artery remains persistent, it may lead to kidney damage, which ultimately turns into KCD.

Recurring Kidney infection

If someone starts suffering from recurring kidney infection, ultimately these infections hinder kidney strength and ultimately lead to infliction of KCD.

Side Effects of Medicine on Kidney Disease

It is medically proven that some antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs administration may lead to KCD.

Other than these triggers, polycystic kidney disease, high cholesterol, glomerulonephritis kidney disease are found as triggers for Kidney disease.

Surprisingly it has been observed that KCD is treatable. Timely detection, regular medication, proper life style medication, and certain natural remedies can keep tight control on the disease, and in some cases, the result shows exceptional progress in recovering kidney health too that the risk and necessity of dialysis or kidney transplantation can be completely mitigated.

Symptoms of kidney stages: a close view

Close view on 5 stages of kidney disease (CKD) has helped medical professionals to specify some symptoms in the affected people, which can easily be detected. These symptoms are generic type but if these problems are found persistency as recurring basis, kidney tests are highly recommended. Let’s take a look on KCD general symptoms.

  • Unconditional tiredness
  • Recurring inflammation in ankles, feet, or hands
  • Unusual shortness of breath
  • Sudden and recurring feelings of sickness
  • Tracing blood in urine.

However, the apathy of the situation is these symptoms are not felt in 1, 2 stages of kidney disease. So KCD remains untreated and overlooked, which can initiate complications faster.

There are several cases, in advanced stages of KCD, administration of antibiotic may not be convenient for aged people, and it makes the treatment somehow complicated. Practice of natural remedies and participation in All Natural Kidney Function Restoration Program can revive the health condition of the patients even of advanced CKD.

Stage-wise complication of CKD patients: outline narration

It has been observed that stages of kidney disease (CKD) are mostly measured on Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR). However, in stage 1 GFR rate remains almost normal while in stage 2 GFR rate gets minimally reduced.

In 3, 4, 5 stages of KCD gradual deterioration of kidney function is observed. Mostly, patients start suffering from high blood pressure, renal failure, general kidney failure, etc. complications.

The complication may vary from one patient form another. Therefore KCD treatment in advanced stage is mostly asymptomatic and is decided on estimation of kidney function. In most of the cases, creatinine test and GFR tests are considered as measuring scale to detect the present stage of KCD.

KCD treatment: a general approach

CKD treatment largely depends on how severe the kidney disease of the concerned patient is.

The major treatments are:

  • lifestyle alteration to make sure that the patient remains as hale and hearty as optimum level
  • necessary medication to control related complications like high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Offering support of dialysis – treatment to reproduce some of the kidney’s functions; this is mostly needed in case of advanced CKD
  • The decision of kidney transplantation – this ultimate surgical process is decided in advanced stage of CKD.

CKD Patients are advised to go through the process of regular health check-ups to monitor their individual health condition so that the treatment can be customized and asymptomatic. In all advanced kidney disease, it is globally observed that heart and artery diseases are main killers, even for patients on dialysis programs. Prevention of these fatal diseases is important for CKD treatment process.

Natural remedy treatment for CKD

It has been observed recently that Natural Kidney Function Restoration Program has earned outstanding popularity worldwide because thousands of CKD patients have enjoyed relief from their kidney disorder as well as they could have avoided the risk of having kidney dialysis.

It is all about natural remedy and life style modification in Natural Kidney Function Restoration Program, and that makes the entire program naturally supportive or users and completely result oriented for KCD treatment of patients.

Users of this program have expressed their satisfaction after using this natural remedy of CKD. It is side effect less and it helps in adopting a better living style for its users that helps in reviving health including kidney functions.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be complicated no doubt but with the support of natural remedy included in Natural Kidney Function Restoration Program, the risk can really be mitigated.

CKD can be diagnosed using blood and urine tests. These diagnostic tests help doctors to check for high levels of certain substances in patients’ blood and urine and to analyze the intensity of stages of kidney disease in reality for the concerned patient.

So, now that you know about the different stages of kidney disease and ways to treat them, pass the word on to the affected. Maybe you can help a struggling soul.

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